Tungsten Carbide Nickel Binder

Tungsten Carbide Nickel Binder

Conventional Tungsten Carbides (with Cobalt binder) has limited corrosion resistance, which makes them unsuitable for applications in which the wear parts are operating under both severe abrasive and corrosive conditions. As a general rule straight Tungsten Carbide (with Cobalt Binder) is resistant to corrosion down to pH 7. By comparison, tests have shown that our Tungsten Carbide (with Nickel binder) material is resistant to corrosion down to pH 2 or 3.

Material Specification


Tungsten Carbide 90 – 92 %
Cobalt 8 -10 %



Hra 88 – 89


Mechanical Properties

Density 14.968 g/cm³
Transverse Rupture Strength @ 20°C 2600 MN/m²
Compressive Strength @ 20°C 6870 MN/m²


Size Range

0.635mm (0.025″) to 50.800mm (2″)


Standard Grades Available


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