Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Binder

Tungsten Carbide materials have a unique combination of properties, high compressive strength, hardness and resistance to wear, as well as an ability to withstand shock and impact. Typical applications are valves, flowmeters, ball screws and linear bearings. Balls from this material are also used for ballizing, gauging and ball pens.

Material Specification


Tungsten Carbide 93 – 95 %
Cobalt 5 -7 %



Hra 90.5 – 91.5


Mechanical Properties

Density 14.947 – 15.0% g/cm³
Thermal Conductivity 100 W/m/°C
Electrical Resistivity 20 u ohms/cm
Linear Expansion Coefficient 20 – 400°C 4.9 10^-6/°C
Linear Expansion Coefficient 20 – 800°C 5.3 10^-6/°C
Transverse Rupture Strength @ 20°C 2600 N/mm²
Fracture Toughness K c @ 20°C 12 MN/m^1/2
Compressive Strength @ 20°C 6200 N/mm²
Poisson’s Ratio 0.22
Magnetic Properties Slightly magnetic


Size Range

1.588mm (1/16″) to 50.800mm (2″)


Standard Grades Available


VTLG Asia is the first Asian-based German supplier of products and services to the capital equipment and Industrial component industry. For inquiries and requests please contact us at: paulyang@vtlg-asia.com. VTLG specializes in supplying ball products to the linear guide, ball screw and ball retainer industry.