Precision Balls

High Precision Balls for the high precision applications

There are many applications for balls and therefore there are many suppliers catering to different segments and industries.

We are focusing on special materials, custom made ball related products and high precision & reliable balls used for linear guides, ball screws, ball bearings or other applications requiring extreme low tolerances and high reliability.

Working with qualified manufacturers we can offer many references serving customers requiring high precision and reliability. Our balls are used since decades, in the global markets. Utilizing a fully furnished inspection lab we can guarantee conducting in depth inspection and quality control supplying the quality and reliability that our customers need and depend on.

VTLG is your local stocking partner ensuring timely supply and strong local support. We understand the necessity and are committed to hold sufficient local stock being ready to supply all eventual uptimes of our customers.

The need for special materials and custom made parts will increase in the immediate future. VTLG reacts to this trend supplying special materials like ceramics and tungsten carbide balls. Other materials that we offer include but are not limited to: Phosphor Bronze, Brass, Glass, Aluminum, Hastelloy C.

Ball related products that not many suppliers make are another field of activity. VTLG supplies tooling balls, single and double ended plug gauges, ball transfer units and rollers. Tell us your special needs and chances are that we can help.

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