Magnetic couplings transmit torque through magnetic forces between the inner and outer rotor. Both inner and outer rotors are fitted with permanent magnets (typically NdFeB or SmCo) in a multi-pole arrangement and are moved synchronously so as to achieve non-contact power transmission. This power transmission occurs contact-free through magnets from the drive to the shaft running in the product. Therefore, a hermetic tight seal comes possible in, for example, pumps that must transport volatile, flammable, explosive or toxic gases or liquids with no leakage, while dangerous or precious media stay put in the closed-system circuit.

VTLG’s Magnet Divisions core product line includes a number of different features:

  • Optimized design: We attain maximum working torque with fewer magnets; we use minimum sizes to lower cost while achieving a given torque.
  • Working temperature: NdFeB <140℃; SmCo <280℃
  • Inertia balance grade: For the inner and outer rotor is G6.3.
  • Material: Inner rotor: ASTM 316 or 316L, Hastelloy, Titanium alloy
  • Outer rotor: ASTM Stainless steel or carbon steel with black zinc coating
  • Isolation shroud: ASTM 316 or 316L, Hastelloy, Titanium alloy, or non-metallic materials.

For requests, please provide an engineering drawing including information on the dimensions, tolerances, material/magnetic grade, coating and magnetization direction.

Strong permanent magnets safety instructions:

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