AlNiCo Pickup Magnets


Alnico V

AlNiCo V Magnets for Electric Guitar Pickups have a bright sound with good dynamics and tight bass. The strongest of the three most common used AlNiCo magnets; more powerful in tone and response. Its greater output makes it a good choice for bridge pickups, over which there is usually a smaller amount of string vibration. Good for an aggressive, punchy sound.

Alnico II

These  were used on the earliest Telecaster® guitars of the 1950s. AlNiCo II is especially good for middle-position pickups, and good for a very sweet and musical vintage-sound.

Alnico III

The weakest of the three most common used AlNiCo pickup magnets, because it actually contains no cobalt. Since it exhibits the least magnetic pull, it’s the kind which impedes free string vibration the least, making it a perfect choice for neck pickups (for string vibration is the greatest at this position). This type was for example often used in the first Stratocaster® guitars in the mid-1950s.

(Other ALNiCo Material Grades and Dimensions are available upon request.)

For requests, please provide an engineering drawing including information on the dimensions, tolerances, material/magnetic grade, coating and magnetization direction.

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