Growing and expending, VTLG is constantly searching for suitable candidates to join our team at all our locations. If you have an engineering- or business– related educational background, with years of experience in equipment or industrial component related industries: then we want to hear from you. Chances are that we would like to ask you to meet with us for an interview.
While we welcome candidate initiative in supplying CVs, priority is given to fill current openings. For current openings please refer to the Job Description section of downloadable PDFs in the left panel of this page.

Submitting applications: please refrain from mailing us paper based documents by mail, but send your CV including a cover letter, preferably in PDF format, to
Supporting our projects and assignments, we offer a limited number of Internships at our Taipei office. Internships start throughout the year and are normally scheduled to be from 3 to 6 months. We are looking for international students of engineering- or business- related subjects with a strong entrepreneurial aptitude capable of taking on responsibility. Successful candidates are expected to have an exceptional CV with a profound proficiency in English (possibly Chinese) and in-depth knowledge of MS Office applications.
Interested candidates please submit an English CV to: (please do NOT mail your application materials since we will not be able to return them!)