About us

Our unique position as a China-based German company guarantees high and stable quality. Rigorous QA/QC begins by selecting, certifying and continuously auditing manufacturers onsite, forming the backbone of our quality-assurance process. This is paired with strict onsite quality control inspections prior to shipment using our own Testing and Measuring Equipment. Finally, we offer full compliance with Intellectual Property Regimes.  As an example, we provide Sumitomo patented magnets from the few certified factories in China.

While quality has its price, the lowest price remains typically one of the best arguments for purchasing magnets through us. In conclusion, we typically realize best price due to the fact of eliminating unnecessary layers in the supply chain by streamlining the distribution channel and connecting you directly to the manufacturer of your custom-made products. Direct sourcing of magnets out of China equals competitive pricing. In some cases, the China magnet industry periodically gives rise to low-quality producers, often using recycled materials. We only work with high-quality factories that are ISO9000ff certified.