VTLG – Your German Partner in Asia

We are a German managed company headquartered near the World Trade Centre in Taipei with 5 strategic office locations throughout Taiwan, China and Germany. With our longstanding experience in managing a wide network of manufacturers and partners throughout Asia we are specialized in delivering value to the manufacturer and user of industrial components.

Magnet Division
Since many years the market for standard application permanent magnets is dominated by Chinese manufacturers. Establishing our magnet division in 2005 VTLG entered the global outsourcing magnet marketplace for custom permanent magnets & applications including pm-couplings, offering global supply chain management that eliminates middlemen, offering most competitive pricing.

We enable our customers to utilize on the local sourcing market, and maintain distribution channels for industrial components in Taiwan as well as China. Working with a great variety of manufacturers over the years, VTLG built a rich foundation of experience. Being flexible and responsive to customer needs is central to our approach and led us to develop a niche portfolio of industrial application and businesses.

Our sourcing strategies anchor in a wide network of big and medium sized Chinese, Taiwanese and other manufactures with an onsite German managed QA & QC control team, implementing effective manufacturer audits and particular quality control of individual shipments leaving the factory.